MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/22/1994

  • A new alternative purge process (job JSFDPRG2/pgm JSFB004x) provides quicker purge times, primarily for those sites purging large of members on a regular basis. This purge process also produces smaller archive datasets, since only those members being purged are backed up to JSF's numbers offline archives. You may now choose from purging using JSFDPURG or JSFDPRG2, depending on which runs faster in your site.
  • Performance improvements in JSF were made, such as reducing the amount of I/O done to the WORKFILE DD in the JSF started task. See 'Improving JSF Performance' in this manual for more details.
  • In prior releases of JSF, the CPU time reported by JSF was TCB time. The SRB time reported by JES on the IEF276 message was not being saved or reported. This release finds the SRB time and adds it to the TCB time. As such, all CPU time figures in JSF displays and reports are a sum of these figures. Note that JSF converts xxxx minutes to HHMMMSS format and also 'throws' away fractions of seconds (as JSF always has).
  • A new user exit allows you to control the requeue destination for abended print. Normally requeued print is routed to 1 of 8 destinations based on MSGCLASS, but abended print was forced to 1 destination via the options module parameter ABENDEST=xxxxxxxx. This release now provides exit point JSFB0033, which is called by the started task and allows you to specify to which destination abend/JCL error/High condition code/NOTCTLG output should be routed. MSGCLASS may also be changed
  • PDS I/O error related diagnostic messages in the started task were improved and can now provide insight to problem resolution without a dump in many cases.
  • Improved machine control character support is provided. Previously, all requeued output was printed as FBA, regardless of content. JSF now scans for machine control characters and requeues FBM output properly. Note that mixed format jobs will remain a problem in this area. Likewise, FBM print support from ISPF is not provided.
  • Some minor maintenance was applied.
  • Release number was removed from all panels EXCEPT JSFPINIT.
  • Debug version of JSFB0000 shipped (JSFB9999).