MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/10/2003

  • Changed the date format in most JSF panels and batch reports to use Gregorian MM-DD-YY instead of the old Julian YY.DDD. This does not affect the way dates are stored in the JSF files.
  • Improved JSF started task performance significantly when parameter CHKDIRBK = Y is being used. This setting caused an unnecessary amount of I-O to the Job History PDS in past releases.
  • Eliminated corruption of the Job History PDS directory when a MVS/OS390/zOS system outage occurs. This caused some inaccessible members and lost data in previous releases
  • Added an optional parameter (CALLESM) that will cause JSF panels to check your External Security Manager's JESSPOOL class profiles for the ISPF user's authority to access the requested job.
  • Enhanced support for z/OS, by fixing a problem where jobs that exceeded line length or number-of-lines limits were still archived to JSF. This was possible in z/OS sites where six-digit job numbers can be used. JSF works with z/OS six-digit job numbers, although just the last five digits are shown on JSF panels and reports.
  • Added the REFRESH command to the Jobname Browse List panel to refresh the list of jobs without leaving it.
  • Allow a wildcard character (*) in the Jobname field on the Job History Restore panel. This lists ALL restorable jobs for the specified date(s). Past releases required entry of at least the first character of the jobname.
  • Added FBM support for JSF reprints of jobs using Machine print control characters.
  • Added parameter LINELSYS, which enables a separate number-of-lines limit for syslogs (LINELSYS) and jobs (LINELMIT).
  • Added the Job History PDS dataset name to batch reports. Helpful for sites running multiple JSF systems.
  • Added job JSFDSTOP to stop an active JSF started task. It can be scheduled to run before a scheduled run of either of the purge jobs (JSFDPURG or JSFDPRG2).
  • Fixed a problem that caused lost jobs when purge job JSFDPRG2 spanned midnight.