MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/21/2007

  • Added support for the Job History file being a PDSE (or PDS).  This avoids the 64K track limit of a PDS, allowing a Job History PDSE to be larger than 65,536 tracks.  The maximum size of your PDSE is your largest volume.
  • Added the Total Line count for jobs and syslogs to all applicable JSF ISPF panels and batch reports.
  • Improved Job Selection Panel selection and sorting capabilities.  Added Start hour to the Rundate selection options. Added options to sort the newest jobs first, or the most Total Lines first, in addition to the old sort criteria.
  • Added a new default option to apply carriages control (page breaks and blank lines) when displaying a job's output in JSF Browse.
  • Changed Purge jobs JSFDPURG and JSFDPRG2 to minimize the increase in run times of these jobs caused by the potentially larger PDSE datasets, and by the poor performance of IEBCOPY for PDSE datasets.
  • Added Elapsed run time of the restorable jobs to the Job Restore List panel.
  • Corrective maintenance.