MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/19/2005

  • Improves directory screen with more information and functionality including date, time and user-id of the last change made to each map.  Adds new functions from the directory: Edit, Browse, Test, Copy and Delete.   
  • Adds edits to ensure only one user at a time can update a map preventing one user's changes from being overlaid by another user's updates to the same map.  Multiple users can browse the map while another user is updating it.  Adds an unlock capability to the Administration screen to unlock a map being updated by a user that is unavailable, in case that map must be changed by someone else.
  • Adds support for the DFHWBOUT (WeB OUTput) macro, which generates customized HTML from TEMPLATE map assemblies.  Aids in web-enabling legacy BMS maps for use with the 3270 Bridge.
  • New B-Browse function on the main menu and the directory screen.  Browse allows a user to look at a map without updating its last-changed statistics.  It also allows browse access while another user is updating the map.
  • Expands PICIN and PICOUT maximum field lengths from 20 to 40 bytes to allow for the larger numeric fields possible with today's compilers.
  • Adds new warning messages when a variable field is not named, when a constant field is named, or when a field exceeds the BMS maximum of 256 bytes.
  • Various other fixes and enhancements