MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/11/2007

  • Increased field names from 25 to 30 characters to match the maximum field name lengths allowed by COBOL and PL/I.
  • Added an optional password field to each map's parameter screen.  It can be a view password or an update password.
  • Improved the MAPR-generated BMS macros and the assembled map load modules by including the actual, full-length field names on the DFHMDF macro (if parm User Names = Y).  This is helpful for web applications that use the 3270 Bridge, HostBridge, etc. because these full-length field names are included in the load module's Application Data Structure Descriptor (ADSD).
  • Withdrew support for CICS/ESA version 4.1.
  • Various other maintenance.