MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/24/1997

  • Added year 2000 compatibility. Added 2-byte century to date fields. Expanded SORT-FILE and HISTORY records from 506 to 508 characters. A conversion program LCTPHIS is included.
  • Expanded REPORT file (input to Adhoc Report Writer) from 430 to 530 characters per record.
  • Added four new options to the parameter card.
    1. Col. 37
      'Y' or blank = Print the input parameters
      'N' = Do not print the input parameters
    2. Col. 38
      'Y' or blank = Print the Catalog Legend report
      'N' = Do not print the Catalog Legend report
    3. Col 39
      'Y' or blank = Print the Volume Summary report
      'N' = Do not print the Volume Summary report
    4. Col. 40
      'Y' or blank = Print the VSAM Catalog Listing
      'N' = Do not print the VSAM Catalog Listing
      Note: If all four columns are blank, all four of the reports will print (as in prior releases).
  • Changed the print record default size from 132 to 133 by including the carriage control character.
  • Compiles must now be done with the NOADV option.    Now indicate file type 'L' for Linear VSAM files.
  • Added an option on the dataset selection input card to 'exclude' files from selection.