MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Tune and monitor VSAM files

MacKinney Systems no longer markets Listcat Plus and has released VSAM AdminAid (VAA) as its replacement. VAA pinpoints files needing reorganization or tuning, leading to faster and more efficient file processing. VAA simplifies VSAM file management and helps reduce online response times, batch job run times, CPU consumption, DASD space usage, and administration time.

VAA includes all the functionality of LISTCAT Plus and LISTCAT Adhoc Report Writer (for custom reports), plus adds an online ISPF system to enter file selection criteria and view results, and a batch report of files needed to be reorganized. Contact for VSAM AdminAid pricing information.

VAA includes an option to accumulate file statistics for datasets in the selected catalog(s). A daily batch catalog list job can write to the new VAA History file for use by new VAA batch and ISPF applications. This current and historical data for your files allows you and VAA to monitor current VSAM file reorganization and tuning needs, as well as track VSAM file changes over time, growth trends, and reorganization history.

More information about VSAM AdminAid can be found here.