MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 06/27/2002

  • Enhanced the LISTCAT PLUS report as follows:
    • Added an option to only include the dataset if it has a tuning message.
    • Added the choice of date formats (Gregorian MMDDYY or Julian YY.DDD) for date created or updated.
    • Added user-specified thresholds for the following tuning messages:
    • Dataset has not been updated for XXXX days.
    • No records have been inserted in this dataset in XXX days.
    • Dataset has exceeded XXX extents.
    • Added the capability to sort the report by catalog (and then dataset name).
    • Added System Managed Storage (SMS) fields Storageclass, Managementclass, Dataclass, and Lbackup date to the non-VSAM report.
  • Added a new report that runs MUCH FASTER than IDCAMS or LISTCAT PLUS because it uses the new MVS Catalog Search Interface (CSI). The report is similar to LISTCAT PLUS except that it does not contain fields that are not available to the CSI. Fields in LISTCAT PLUS that are not in the CSI report are CI and CA split counts, CI and CA initial Freespace values, and total number of records.
  • Added OR capability to the ADHOC report. Multiple conditions per field can now be specified. ANDs and/or ORs can be used in combination. For example, CI-SPLITS > 1000 or CA-SPLITS > 50 and EXTENTS > 15 and EXCP > 99999.
  • Made new fields available to the ADHOC report including: Insert to CI and CA split ratios, dataset owner, Storageclass, Managementclass, Dataclass, LastBackup date, and the first and second qualifiers of the dataset name