MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/12/2005

  • Added compatibility with z/OS 1.5 and above by adding a 31-bit load library.  Two load libraries are now supplied with the product.  The 24-bit load library must be used with OS/390 and z/OS 1.4 and below and the 31-bit load library must be used with z/OS 1.5 and above, in order to avoid a S0C4 abend.
  • For z/OS 1.5 and above, added the fields to the LCTPCSI Catalog Search Interface program that were missing in earlier z/OS releases of the CSI.  Those fields are Total Records, CI and CA Splits, and CI and CA Freespace percentages.
  • Fixed a VSE problem with the Volume Summary report when 3390 Model 9 DASD is used.
  • Fixed an abend or a mostly blank print line when some numeric fields from IDCAMS are "---INVALID".