MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 11/06/2008

  • Added support for forward recovering CICS "Backup-While-Open" (BWO) files.  These are files that can be backed up while they are open for update in CICS.  FRS can now use the data set's BWO or RLS timestamp in its z/OS catalog entry as the starting point for forward recovery of BWO files, if desired.
  • Fixed a problem with recovery of Updates to extended format ESDS files.  Extended format ESDS files are possible in T.S. 3.2 and above when the file is in a SMS Data Class that specifies Extended Addressability = Yes.
  • Enhanced the Print program (FRSPESA) to print the KSDS record key in character format (in addition to hex format) to make the key more readable on KSDS deletes and PRINT(KEY) requests.