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I have a Windows machine producing a report I need to get to the JES spool. Can VVP help me accomplish this and if so, how?


VVP, release 2.0 and above, can accept reports from non-mainframe operating systems using LPD protocol. This is only possible for z/OS; VSE does not have this capability.
Set up the logical printer as you would for any other VVP task and also set or verify the following parameters:

  1. Name the logical printer the same as the LPD queue name of the server to which you are connecting.
  2. Set parameter LPDPORT in the control table (VVPFDFCT) to specify the TCP/IP port number the LPD server will use. This should normally be 515 and should only be changed when another LPD server is present in your TCP/IP stack. 
  3. Set parameter LPDTRT in the logical printer table (VVPFDFLG) or update "LPD Translate" on the printer definition in option 2 of the VVP main menu. The VVP internal LPD server receives ASCII data. This parameter provides the table needed to translate the data to EBCDIC. Normally the provided  table (1) will work but VVP gives you the ability to customize a table for specific printers.