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Where can you find an explanation of the FRS/VSAM RPL feedback reason codes, error codes and return codes that may appear in the FRS recovery report, in the R15 (return code) and FDBK (RPLERRCD/reason code) fields?


Some of the more common ones are listed near the back of the FRS manual, in section 5.2 Trouble Diagnosis. 

All of them are found in IBM's VSE Messages and Codes, in the Chapter on VSE/VSAM Return and Error Codes, or in IBM's z/OS DFSMS Macro Instructions for Data Sets manual, in the chapter on VSAM Macro Return and Reason Codes. 

R15 represents the return code value in register 15 and FDBK represents the Hex Error Code (for VSE) or the hex Reason Code (for z/OS).  

When looking up the FDBK code, be sure to look in the correct table based on the return code and the type of VSAM error (OPEN error, PUT error, etc.).