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Thanks for your quick response with the temporary pass-string. I have completed activities with my test version of the JQP product against an LPAR running Z/OS 1.11, and (as expected) have encountered no problems or issues. I’d like to mention once again how pleased we are with this product, after previously running LRS’s components. This product is solid, always functions, performs EXACTLY what we need it to do for us, and for a reasonable cost. We are very happy we made the switch to your system.
~ Kevin - Company name withheld by request

The product is very inexpensive especially when you compare it to VPS which was used before. It only takes about an hour to install, very easy. I was able to create special page formatting to print checks as well as letters that go out which included letterheads.
~ Cynthia Davis, Systems Programmer, JB Hunt Transport, Inc

"JES Queue for Printers, JES Report Broker and VTAM Virtual Printer provided the same feature/function as their replacements at a much reduced cost. Installation was simple and straightforward and was completed across 5 lpars within a 2 week period. They have become 'set it and forget it' products. We now have JQP on 6 lpars and VVP on 7 lpars."
~ Steve Trapp, System Programmer Team Lead, GA and CA

"Irish Dairy board have been users of the MacKinney printing products VVP and JQP since 2004. We use JQP to route mainframe print to TCP/IP network printers, and VVP to route print from CICS transactions to JES spool We had previously used Levi, Ray and Shoup's VPS and DRS. We changed to the MacKinney products when the cost of upgrade of the LRS products for a proposed new mainframe was prohibitive. We chose them because they gave us exactly the functionality we required, at approximately 20% of the cost of LRS. JQP and VVP were installed and just worked. In the past five years we've only had two occasions to call on MacKinney support - both times for configuration issues for new printers. The response was fast and accurate. We've been very satisfied with the products. Our only problem is that we didn't install them earlier."
~ David Ingoldsby, Technical Support Manager, Irish Dairy Board

JES Queue for Printers

Eliminate costly SNA printer hardware with your TCP/IP printer network. 

JES Queue for Printers(JQP) delivers reports from the JES output queue to TCP/IP or VTAM printers. JQP delivers output directly to the TCP/IP printer or a Line Printer Daemon (LPD). The LCDS feature provides support for Xerox's DocuPrint or DocuTech devices over TCP/IP eliminating SNA hardware. Replace costly BUS/TAG printer hardware using your existing TCP/IP printer network. JES Queue for Printers will interface with Solimar Systems, Barr Systems, Rochester Software Associates and Xerox. No JES definitions or changes are required. Option to support the Rijndael encryption algorithm, Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) is available.

JES Queue for Printers uses the information from the ROUTE PRINT, OUTPUT or DD statements to determine the reports' destination. Every CICS printer in your shop can now be used as a destination for output from batch jobs. Likewise, 3270-enabled PC printers defined to VTAM and printers defined to the TCP/IP network are available for batch output.





JQP release 3.0 added the ability to process AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) documents. JQP interfaces with MacKinney Print Transform (MPT) to produce PCL or Postscript output.  The resulting documents will contain all fonts, overlay, graphics and formatting of the original AFP document.

JQP release 2.5 and above includes supporting email notification for reports printed successfully, reports failing to print, reports re-queued and for printers requiring intervention. JQP can immediately notify the person in charge of the printer when a problem occurs.  Imagine being notified and correcting printing problems before being contacted by the end user with the phrase "where is my printout?"

In addition, JQP now provides an ICMP PING command to test connectivity between JQP and the printer.



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