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Customer Testimonies

"I just finished converting one of our client sites from CICS V2.3 to V3.2. These guys have a lot of OS COBOL code that they have steadfastly refused to upgrade. This left us no alternative but to get MacKinney's VS/Cobol Interpreter product to allow them to continue running.Well, the product was simple to install, and it works like gangbusters. I can't detect any increase in response time or overhead due to its presence; and the client wouldn't even know it was there if they weren't being charged for it. There hasn't been a single incident. This was a major relief! And there's even a nifty administrative transaction to go with it. So if anyone here is in the same situation, VCI works very well, and is probably the answer you're looking for."
~ Rick Woods, CICS Systems Programmer, Arizona

"We had mandates to move forward with upgrades on new systems software that would obsolete our existing COBOL programs-they wouldn't run. VS/Cobol Interpreter allowed us to go forward with the systems upgrades and allow our application folks to schedule a rewrite or upgrade modification of these programs at some point in the future. Our deadline wasn't necessarily theirs, so they could do their part in the future long after we were through and moved on to the next project. We were able to meet deadlines that otherwise would not have been possible."
~ Dennis Jiles, IT Project Coordinator, LSU Health Science Center

VS/Cobol Interpreter

Run OS/VS COBOL programs in CICS/TS 3.1 and above

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VS/Cobol Interpreter allows programs written and compiled with OS/VS COBOL to execute in CICS Transaction Server 3.1 and above. No program changes or recompiles are required. Continue to seamlessly run your OS/VS COBOL programs in CICS TS V3.1 (and above).

When activated, VS/Cobol Interpreter automatically intercepts OS/VS COBOL programs and provides the necessary environment for them to function properly in CICS Transaction Server 3, 4 or 5.

With the Automatic program detection feature of VCI, programs written in OS/VS COBOL are automatically included and handled by the software. If this option is not specified, users must customize an include list to select OS/VS COBOL programs processed by VCI. Generic and character masking features are available to control inclusion and exclusion of programs from the VCI process.