MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 09/19/2016

  • Dynamic Logical Terminal feature was added.  
  • Added the terminal's TCP/IP address to events numbers 86 (terminal open) and 87 (terminal close).
  • Execute any VTAM/Switch commands in a source member through VTAM/Switch command line. 
  • Profile Group Table GSFDFDG is added.  This new table defines multiple VTAM/Switch application groups and other applications available to the user.  
  • Three new VTAM/Switch features added for the ROTATE command: 1. The ROTATE command 2nd parameter OPENX option added. In the event the user does not currently have a session with the alias, the ROTATE command attempts to start a session with the alias not defined to VTAM/Switch. 2. Option to automatically add the 2nd parameter option OPENX to the ROTATE command.  3. The LOGDATA parameter added to the ROTATE command.
  • Exit GSFEX03 is added to control the APPLID used by VTAM/Switch to start of new session. 
  • New Script Table (GSFDFSC) TEST option to check the user variables %USER, %DEPT, %PRM1, %PRM2, %PRM3 and %PRM4.
  • Option to control the maximum length for a password phrase added for z/OS installation.  
  • Option added to the LIBRARYL command to display DISABLED logical terminals only.
  • Programs GSMDFAP, GSMDFAX, GSMDFLG, GSMDFMC, GSMDFPH, GSMDFPX and GSMDFUS to create the VTAM/Switch tables GSFDFAP, GSFDFAX, GSFDFLG, GSFDFMC, GSFDFPH, GSFDFPX and GSFDFUS from the definitions on the VTAM/Switch VSAM file.
  • Batch program GSMMIGR to migrate the VTAM/Switch tables GSFDFAP, GSFDFAX, GSFDFLG, GSFDFMC, GSFDFPH, GSFDFPX and GSPFDFUS to the VTAM/Swich VSAM file.
  • Program GSMLIST produces a listing of all definitions on the VTAM/Switch VSAM file.
  • Change applications, logical terminals, physical terminals and printers, users, application groups and physical groups through the VTAM/Switch command line. 
  • Entering the FIND command immediately after the GSCFINDA string is not found message, re-starts the command from the top of the display.
  • Retrieve the previous VTAM/Switch commands added.
  • For z/OS installations, the export/import dataset name is saved.
  • Added support to display VTAM/Switch definitions using a filter.