MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 09/10/1999

  • Prints the user and terminal IDs along with the date and time for VTAM/SWITCH screen prints printed on a printer with the option TSTAMP=YES specified.
  • Optional control table parameter, EXTDS, controls which extended datastreams VTAM/SWITCH will request the terminal to return when saving the screen's image.
  • Optional feature to prevent a VTAM/SWITCH user from getting any mail or broadcast messages. Requires that the user be assigned to the message group "NOMAIL".
  • Optional control table parameter, AXORDER, allows the applications listed on the Application Selection screen to be in the order listed in the Application table (GSFDFAP) or the Application Group table (GSFDFAX).
  • Optional application table parameter, NETID, allows the VTAM NETID to be specified for an application. This allows duplicate application names on more than one VTAM network.
  • Optional control table parameter, MSGMOD, for installations using the VTAM MSGMOD parameter.
  • Optional control table parameter, TIMEOUT, has been changed to specify the amount of time, up to 999 seconds, that VTAM/SWITCH waits for a response from the physical terminal before attempting to terminate the non-responding task.
  • All dates displayed by VTAM/SWITCH now include the century.
  • A logging facility has been added to record all messages sent to the system console. (Sent to SYSLST for VSE, SYSPRINT for MVS). A new command, SEGMENT makes this log available for viewing in VSE installation or will "SPIN" the log for MVS. In addition, any VTAM/SWITCH internal tracing information is now written to this log rather than the console.
  • Several VTAM/SWITCH messages have been changed to add parameter information to the message. For example, using the VTAM/SWITCH command "NEWCOPY GSFDFLG" produces message "(GSCNEWCA) ** NEW COPY OF MODULE LOADED **". This message has been changed to "(GSCNEWCA)** NEW COPY OF MODULE GSFDFLG LOADED **".
  • New VTAM/SWITCH command, LIBRARYC, has been added to display the information in the current command table.
  • Event logging has been added to record when certain VTAM/SWITCH events occur. (i.e., when logical sessions are opened and/or closed.) Installations may choose which VTAM/SWITCH events will be recorded.
  • Optional control table parameter, BRDINT, allows the broadcast screen (GSFDIBR) to be initialized.
  • Optional control table parameter, BRDCST, controls when the broadcast message is displayed to the user. This makes the control table parameter BRDNOA obsolete.
  • In addition to the CLEAR key, the PF3 key will now clear a VTAM/SWITCH message or broadcast.
  • Control table parameter USSMENU and user table parameter SSMENU has been changed to allow the original Session Selection screen to be compressed.
  • Optional feature to route a message based on application ID has been added.