MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 11/29/2007

  • Removed support for the VSE VIO option .
  • Removed support for executing VTAM/SWITCH as a VTAM subtask.
  • Added feature to automatically expand the VTAM/SWITCH buffer pools.
  • Added support for extended data streams on VTAM/SWITCH screens.
  • Added option to customize PFKeys on VTAM/SWITCH screens.
  • Added paging support for the alternate VTAM/SWITCH Session Selection screen.
  • Added new VTAM/SWITCH Session Selection screen to combine application available and applications currently open.
  • Added on-line administration panels to customize VTAM/SWITCH replacing the assembled tables.
  • Created a new buffer pool above the 16MB line for many control blocks using 128 byte buffers.
  • Improved the VTAM/SWITCH help screens.
  • Added the FIND command to locate text on a VTAM/SWITCH screen.
  • Added generic logical terminal support to the ENABLEL command.
  • Added the DISABLEL command to disable a logical terminal.
  • Added the PROFILE command to allow the user to customize their PFkeys and printer.
  • VTAM/SWITCH scripting changes.
    1. Added option to the VTAM/SWITCH scripting TEST command to scan the entire line rather than a specific column.
    2. Added conditional IF/GOTO logic.
    3. Added scripting masking feature for the VTAM/SWITCH userid.
  • Added support for VSE/ESA SAF security calls.
  • Added options to Control Table AXRACF parameter:
    1. Not allow access to applications undefined to RACF.
    2. ADM class users can use application group rather than RACF definitions.
    3. RACF application resource class can be modified.
    4. Number of active sessions with same application can be limited.
  • TIMEOUT PURGE feature is now always active.
  • Created EVENT #92, Physical Terminal Error
  • Messages are assigned an expiration date and time and will be purged when they expire.