MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 03/18/2002

  • Added support for short blocks to all of the utilities. A short block was being treated as end-of-member which was preventing the utilities from reading all of the data.
  • Converted CLIST to REXX for panel support.
  • Modified panels for improved consistency.
  • Added additional help panels
  • Added support for National characters for DSN, DD names and members.
  • Made minor performance enhancements to OSXDSN utility.
  • Added key for OSXPROC report.
  • Added variable begin and end column parameters to limit the column range searched by the SCAN utility. Previous assumed values were 1 and 71. Can significantly reduce search time in very large files.
  • Added USERID and SIZE to print along side the member name in the SCAN report.
  • Modified the Date format to be CCYY/MM/DD in all reports including the change date in the SCAN report.
  • Added several new panel fields for the SCAN utility and re-worded existing prompts to reduce ambiguity.
  • Modified the summary information on the SCAN report to include matching members and lines found as well as columns scanned.
  • Made minor performance enhancements to OSXSCAN utility.