MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 08/01/2013

GSR release 2.5 for VSE includes the following enhancements:

  • The Options statement is now optional when running GSR. A default options statement will be supplied with the password from the GSRPOPTS module.  See Section 1.3 for instructions on how to zap GSRPOPTS to set the default options you want to use. The former phase for passwords--GSRPPWDS is no longer used or distributed.
  • JCL is simplified. When searching sublibrary members, a separate call to JLIBR is no longer required in many cases. Also, the type of input and output files (Disk, Tape or Punch) can be selected via the ASSGN SYS004 and SYS006 statements. The type of input and output values in the default options statement will be replaced by the type of device assigned to the respective SYS00n numbers.
  • The JCL PARM= value can be used to specify the sublibrary pattern to be searched via a SEARCH=lib.sublib parameter value. The JCL PARM can also be used to supply FIND=, REPLACE=, and OPTION= values. This makes it possible to create a JCL PROC to encapsulate the process and make GSR very simple to use.
  • The input statement format has been simplified. Synonyms for the search (S OLD=) and replace (S NEW=) commands can be specified.  'OLD=' can be also specified as 'FIND='.   'NEW=' can be specified as 'REPLACE='.  
  • An alternate format for the 'P' statement can be specified 'MEMBER=' will be converted internally to 'P' statements.
  • The CHANGED file is now optional for search-only jobs. (Jobs with no 'NEW=' or 'REPLACE=' statements.)
  • For jobs that need the CHANGED file, support for z/VSE 4.3's 'punch to sublibrary member' is demonstrated, making the CHANGED file easier to define and work with. 
  • A new function (WRITE ALL) will print all of the input members. If a CHANGED file is specified for the WRITE ALL function, GSR will also write all input into a single file that could later be used to reload/replace the sublibrary or ICCF members.
  • The format of the ICCF statement is relaxed.  For one library scans, only the beginning library number need be entered.  Also for one-library scans, the format can be as it was: 'ICCFnnnn', where 'nnnn' = 4 digit library number.  But it can also be 'ICCF nn' or 'ICCF=nn' where 'nn' can be 1 to 4 digits. Also, the ICCF library(s) to search can be specified in the SEARCH value of the JCL PARM='SEARCH=ICCF=10'.
  • A new command SET WILDCARD VARYING now allows you to match any number of characters between the values surrounding the wildcard character in the S=OLD function.
  • Usability is improved by providing the ability to include comment statements in the input statements, so they can be described in the same place they are defined. 
  • Error messages have also been improved.
  • Some of the logic was rewritten to improve performance.
  • An optional zap is available to make GSRMAIN unable to perform updates.