MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 02/20/1991

  • The output file containing scanned/changed members is not opened unless the input scan table contains at least one "NEW=" entry indicating a REPLACE will be attempted. If you are only scanning, you do not need JCL for the 'CHANGED' file and you should not run the RELOAD or DTSUTIL job to reload the CHANGED file.
  • The 'blank' wildcard character (see OPTION CARD, column 10) can now be used as a place holder in a replacement character string to allow it to end with one or more spaces.
  • A new print option (column 11 of the OPTION CARD) will reduce the volume of print by not printing the line which shows the matching character string.
  • Only changed members and members longer that 5000 lines are written to the output file. A table (400,000 bytes) was added to GSRMAIN to store members as they are processed until we do a replace or the table gets full. GSRMAIN needs a partition large enough to run a 490K program.