MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 09/02/2005

  • A new version of GSRMAIN is included, named GSRMAINL.  GSRMAINL can scan members up to 20,000 lines in size before writing the member to the CHANGED file.  This prevents updating members that are not really changed unless they are greater than 20,000 lines long.
  • A new "userid" option for ICCF members allows you to specify the userid to be used when an ICCF member is changed.  (This prevents the DTSUTIL ADD from failing after the DELETE when the previous userid is no longer valid.) 
  • The limit on the number of programs that can be INCLUDEd or EXCLUDEd is increased from 100 to 1000.
  • The "line" numbers of members are now printed under the member name, making it easier to identify the line being displayed.
  • A new option to print a specified number of lines of the member after each matched line allows you to see the lines affected in context.
  • GSRMAIN and GSRMAINL are compiled using COBOL/VSE.  (If you do not have COBOL/VSE, continue to run release 2.1.)
  • The RETURN-CODE variable ($RC or $MRC in the JCL)  is now set to 0 if there are members to update, 1 if there are not, or a higher number if there was an error.  This allows you to bypass the update step if there are no updates to perform.