MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/06/2006

  • The previous behavior of printing a separate "hit" line on the report for every occurrence of the scan string within the same line has been changed.  Beginning with this release, only one report line per input record should be printed.  See item 2 below to revert GSRMAIN to the previous behavior.
  • Two new "Print Matching String" option values (options record, column 11) have been added:
    1.    'F'   Print 'F'irst matching line only.  This value will cause scanning to stop with the first record that contains any of the scan strings.  When used in combination with the 'C' "Print Option" setting (in column 7), 'F' in column 11 will cause only one line per member to be printed, and only for those members that contain the scan string.
    2.    'E'   Print 'E'very match found.  If 'E' is specified, then the output report will contain a line for each occurrence of the scan string, even if there are multiple occurrences on the same input record.