MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 03/19/2002

  • Supports OS/390 CICS release 4.1 and up, VSE/ESA CICS TS 1.1 and up.
  • Added the ability to SPY on HTML served out to a browser from CICS (supported in OS/390 on CICS TS 1.3 and up, VSE on CICS TS 1.1 and up). .
  • Added a user replaceable exit program that allows you to decide what is to be SPY'ed upon. The exit is provided a variety of information including the content of the screens, terminal id, user id etc.
  • Added a new 'Who's On List' function to display all terminals currently connected to CICS, including userid and transaction id associated with each terminal. Provides the ability to start a SPY session on any terminal in the list.
  • Added a new SCREEN LIMIT installation option which limits the number of screens a single SPY session can collect.
  • Added 3270 controller emulation code to prevent screens from 'flickering' when a SPY session contains screens that are sent by the original application in several SEND commands.
  • Changed the immediate shutdown option to provide for recovery from internal error conditions
  • All programs now execute and obtain storage in 31 bit mode.
  • Ship object code only.
  • Removed support for BTAM terminals.
  • Provide notification of the terminal being spied upon when the SPY session ends as well as when a session begins.