MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 03/31/2016

  • Added ability to specify the VTAM Virtual Printer (VVP) license information (password(s)) in PDS source member $INIT.
  • For z/VSE installations, both console communication methods (WTOR and MODIFY) are available at the same time.
  • For MVS installations, console message VVPROCWR01 is displayed first for multiple line messages not starting with the message ID VVP.
  • Tracing logical sessions is now controlled at the logical terminal level rather than session level.
  • Reference TRACE Logical Printer.
  • Added VTAM Generic Resource function, reference Control Table GRNAME parameter.
  • Files sent to VVP using the LPR command with the "COPIES nn" option are written to JES with the appropriate copy count.
  • Programs to create a VVP Tables VVPFDFLG and VVPFDFUS from the definitions on the VVPFILE.
  • Program to migrate the VVPFDFLG or VVPFDFUS tables to the VVPFILE
  • Command to display the commands defined to VVP added.  Reference the LIBRARYC command.
  • Retrieve previous command added.  Reference the RETRIEVE command.