MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/03/2013

  • Prevents S106-E ABEND when the NEWCOPY command is issued for the module causing the z/OS VVP load library to take another extent. 
  • Previous VVP releases required the VVP load library be defined with zero secondary allocation.  Now the VVP load library can be defined with a non-zero secondary allocation
  • Provides support for PCL in the print data stream. Requires the PCL start with the printer escape code x'1B'.
  • Logical printer and user definitions in "Display Mode†show the system default value in yellow.
  • Captures the VVPLOG messages for display with "Display Logical Printers" function. Reference the Log option on the VVPFDILG screen.
  • Option to use RACF password phrase. Reference the Control Table SECURE parameter.
  • Enhanced the filter feature to include status for Logical Printers and Logical Printer Session.
  • Option to specify the LPD Control File filter to use for the report name created from the LPD Data File. Reference the Logical Printer LPDNAME parameter.
  • Modified administration menu screens to process all line commands.
  • New option to bypass the Administration delete confirmation screen. Reference the User Table FLAG1(2) parameter.
  • New option to bypass the Menu List screen for single item displays. Reference the User Table FLAG1(3) parameter.
  • Added new command  to send a ripple pattern to a logical printer. Reference the RIPPLE command.