MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/24/2011

  • Creates new Control Table VVPFDFCT parameter INIT to specify whether the logical printers defined with ACT=Automatic will be started upon VVP initialization.
  • Customer request to pass an additional flag to the VVPFEXT1 exit. This additional flag can be used at the customer's discretion. Reference Logical Printer FLAG4 (1) parameter.
  • Customer request for the initial VVP definition screen to be in "Display Mode" to prevent accidental update. The new VVP UPDATE command must be used toggle between "Update Mode" and "Display Mode".
  • Changed multiple line console command responses to MLWTO to keep all the lines together on the console and in the SYSLOG.
  • Option to write the VVP command output to the VVPLOG when VVP commands are issued from the console.  Reference Control Table CNSL parameter, 3rd parameter.
  • Support for IPv6 was added.
  • Added option to control the dynamic user's class using RACF (MVS only). Reference Control Table DYNUSER and SECURE parameters.