MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 03/09/2010

  • Provides support for the MVS command "P VVP" to shutdown the region.
  • For MVS installations, new feature to replace the JCL OUTPUT statements with the new Output Descriptor table VVPFDFOD.
  • Added support to specify the VTAM APPLID on the JCL EXEC statement via PARM= parameter.
    Reference VVP Startup.
  • Support for external security mixed case passwords has been added.
    Reference the Control Table "SECURE" parameter.
  • Added optional TCP/IP Host address to be used as the local host.
  • For MVS installations; option to change the console route code from 1 to 13 for all VVP messages.
    Reference Control Table "CNSL" parameter.
  • Added field sensitive help for the VVP administration screens.
  • Added statistics to logical printer sessions (number of reports/lines created).
  • Support for a repeat FIND command for VVP screens.
    Reference FIND command.
  • Added support to display VVP logical printer definitions using a filter.
    Reference the FILTER command.
  • Added support for MVS Automatic Restart Management (ARM).
    Reference 2.12 Automatic Restart Management.