MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 05/05/2005

  • Added support for LEXImate escape sequence.
  • Added support for SCS Horizontial Tabs and Set Vertical Format.
  • Added support for a LPD server, MVS only.
  • Added support to create variable length record from each VTAM RU (raw feature).
  • Added support for Lexmark Barcode commands.
  • Added description field for logical printers and name field for users.
  • Added option for OMITFF (omit forms feed) at the logical printer level.
  • Added support to create the report under the logical printer name.
  • When VVP is terminated or the logical printer is closed,the CICS CRE attribute is not lost.
  • Added support to automatically establish sessions when VVP is started.
  • This feature removes the requirement that logical printers be defined to CICS.
  • Added option to custom for PFKeys on VVP screens.