MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 04/01/2019

• The SEGMENT parameter added to the Control Table (PQPFDFCT) to control the LST queue attributes for the next PQPLOG segment.
• Retrieve previous PQP command keyed the command line was added. Reference the RETRIEVE command.
• Entering the FIND command immediately after the PQPCFIND01 string is not found message, re-starts the command from the top of the display.
• Enhancement to the PQPMLIST utility to list the Filter records and an option to select the type of record listed.
• Enhancement to the RIPPLE command, optionally print from 1 to 10 ripple pages. Reference the RIPPLE command.
• Option for SMTP Authentication was added. Reference the Control Table MAILOPTS parameter, 3rd option.
• The LPD/LPR undocumented RFC1179 options command (uppercase “O”) was added. Reference the PQPFDFCF Routine CMDUO.
• Support for Model 3/4/5 and larger screen sizes added to all PQP paging screens (excluding the PQPFDIFL screen)
• Optional feature to audit the VSE/Power queue changes or deletions perform manually was added. Reference 
the Control Table AUDIT parameter.
• One to eight classes now available on the PQPFDIZ1 VSE/Power Queue Selection screen.
• Support for the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) was added.
• The ENTER key performs an automatic refresh for the PQPFDIZ5 screen.
• Option to create a new report while viewing an existing report was added. Reference the CREATE command.
• New feature to display the LST queue report in Page Mode. Reference the section PQP Menu System – VSE/Power Page View.
• New problem diagnosis option to set a successfully printed report’s disposition to “Y”. This option keeps report in the LST queue not available for printing. To reprint the report, change the report’s disposition to “D” or “K”. Reference PQP Destination Flag1, number 2.