MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/20/2016

  •  Enhancements to the PQP administration screens.
Field sensitive help added.
Menu screen updated after definitions added or deleted.
Menu cursor placement on the definition upon return from the update screen added.
Menu security expanded.
All menu screen commands processed.
Update/Display option for definition update screen.
Bypass the Administration delete confirmation message option.
Bypass the initial Menu List screen for a single item.
Option added to initially position the cursor at the command line for the administration update screens.
The variable &APPL is available for the Control Table TITLE parameter.
The number of items displayed on the menu screens.
PQP command parameter masking improvement.
The PQP definition description or name added to menu screens.
Redesign the PQPFDIPQ screen to logically group print work queue items by printer.
Display PQPLOG for the report currently printing on the printer or the last report printed by the printer.
Display all VSE/Power LST queue entries available for the printer.
  • Option to display the VSE/Power Queue entries added.
    VSE/Power security table added.
  • Feature to pace the amount of data sent to the printer with the printer's printing speed was added.
  • Feature to print reports (without a destination), using the class to determine the PQP printer used was added.
  • The STOP command FORCE option added to stop the printer immediately.
  • FIND command enhanced to locate any character string within the display.
    Added repeat FIND command to Paging screens.
  • Option to prevent printers from starting during initialization.
  • Option to execute PQP commands after initialization added.
  • Audit logging for PQP definition changes added.
  • Execute any PQP commands in a source member through PQP command line.
  • New file maintenance feature to change or delete destination, printer, terminal or user records through the PQP command line.
  • Added support to display PQP definitions using a filter.
  • Option to control the messages written to the PQPLOG and SYSLOG has been added.
  • The PING command added to verify TCP/IP connectivity to the printer for the BSI stack from Barnard Software.  
  • Added support to specify the VTAM APPLID on the JCL EXEC statement via PARM= parameter.
  • The STATS command added to display printing statistics.
  • RIPPLE command added to send a ripple pattern to a printer.  
  • Added support for Printer Job Language (PJL).  
  • Support for IPv6 was added.
  • Option for future different separator pages per printer was added.
  • Email notification for printing success and/or failure.
  • New table PQPFDFCF added to control the creation of the LPD control file sent by PQP to the LPD server.
  • Added new automatic restart table for FAIL-xx status codes.
  • Added ability to specify the (PQP) license information (password(s)) in source member $INIT.
  • Option to change the Forms Feed and Line Feed sequence for the printer added.
  • New option to select the PQP setup module based upon the report's attributes.
  • Option to send different setup codes for the separator pages, report text or for each printed page has been added.
    This option provides basic forms overlay like green bar.