MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 10/07/2013

  • Added support for Rochester Software Associates (RSA) type printers.
    Reference Destination "RAW†parameter.
  • Added support for Solimar type printers.
    Reference Destination "RAW†parameter.
  • Added support for Xerox LCDS type printers
    Reference Destination "RAW†parameter.
  • Feature to simulate the VSE/Power PSETUP command.
    Reference the MOUNT command.
  • New option to utilize the VSE/Power separator page.
    Reference Destination "Separator Page†parameter.
  • Console interface improved to support DATA= option.  Reference 1.3 Using PQP from the System Console.
  • Option to increase the buffer size used to send data to the printer has been added.
    Reference Printer "Buffer Size†parameter.
  • Adds a destination CLASS report selection parameter.  Reference Destination CLASS parameter and Control Table CLASS parameter, 2nd option.
  • Increased the printer's host name from 24 to 48 bytes.
  • Support for the VSE SYSID parameter added.
  • Option to process each copy separately has been added.  Reference Printer FLAG1(1) parameter and Control Table PFLAG(1) parameter.