MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 10/17/2002

  • Adds support for TCP/IP Line Printer Daemon Protocol, RFC 1179.
  • Adds support for a direct TCP/IP connection "Open Sockets Interface".
  • Adds option to process setup codes for XEROX type printers.
  • Adds menu system to better control the resources defined to PQP.
  • Allows size of the letters used on the separator page to be determined by the PCL portrait and landscape setup codes.
  • Adds option to the RESTART command to allow all reports in a failed status to be restarted for a printer.
  • Adds option to set the Characters Per Inch (CPI) for SCS type printers.
  • Adds option to set the Maximum Print Position (MPP) to the WIDTH value specified in the Destination entry for SCS type printers.
  • Expands PQP buffer pools automatically.
  • Adds new option to RESTART a report from any page in the report.