MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 01/02/1996

  • Enhanced User and Printer Profile Directory Screens to allow specification of a prefix character(s) to speed up searches
  • Enhanced User Profile Directory to allow displaying in userid or name order and the Printer Profile Directory in printer or location order
  • Added AUTO CREATE option so create/update after prompts can be controlled (was always 'Y' before)
  • Added USER PROFILE option to allow control over using USERID, NETNAME, or both for User Profiles (was always both)
  • Added DEFAULT USER option to prevent the usage of the SIT Default User (CICS 3.x and up) or another shared Userid
  • Added product password support
  • Added FIRST and LAST NAME fields to the User Profile entry
  • Added CICS/FAX interface via FAX TRAN option
  • Added NET subparameter to GEN option to generate NETNAME in the LOCATION field for printer profiles
  • Increased length of LOCATION field in Printer Profile from 15 to 25 bytes