MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 02/25/2008

  • Added OLFCOPY file to store copybook names and offsets via batch.
  • Added Temp Storage Queue support - both lookup and update - with copybook displays.
  • Added parameter screen to identify multiple record types for a copybook and PAR function to re-display and make changes.      
  • Added option in DMP705 to write the TD audit to an ESDS file.
  • Added option to specify TD AUDIT-LENGTH.
  • Added option to specify action if a problem is encountered writing to the ESDS Audit Trail.
  • Added option to display OPID in place of USERID in Audit Trails.
  • Added option to set the "Record Delete Limit" on group deletes.
  • Added option to set the "Record Search Limit" for selects and searches.