MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 06/12/2003

  • This is mostly a service release. All fixes available for release 2.2 have been applied.
  • TD messages up to 2000 bytes in length can be stored.
    (When viewed, the records "wrap" on the display at column 137.)
  • The programs can now run above the 16mb line.
  • The DCT entries have been brought up to date for CICS Transaction Server.
  • A common copybook is used for both operating systems.
    (Not all queues are available on VSE CICS TS 1.1)
  • PPT, PCT, File, and DCT entries are now supplied as input records for DFHCSDUP.
    (The DCT is also provided using DFHDCT macros for releases of CICS TS that do not support DEFINE TDQUEUE statements for RDO.)