MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 03/21/1994

  • FULL SCREEN BROWSE for VSAM and NONVSAM files with the 'look and feel' of ISPF browse. Multiple records per screen is presented and complete ISPF browse commands are provided.
  • MULTIPLE RECORD TYPE SUPPORT FOR COPYCODES. When the copycode being used in edit and browse with copycode has more than one 01 dataname (multiple record types) there is now support to AUTOMATICALLY change record types within the copycode member. As you scroll from record to record each record is examined to determine the record type and the correct 01 dataname (record type) is used to format the screen.
  • EDITSWAP;SWAPSEL are two new commands used together (defined to a PFKEY) to swap back and forth between FULL SCREEN BROWSE and EDIT or EDIT with copycode. Your position in the file is preserved during the swap. For example if you are browsing a file and see a record that needs to be updated, you can press your EDITSWAP; SWAPSEL PFKEY and be swapped directly to an edit session on the record that was at the top of the file screen browse session. Another example; you are editing a file and you would like to see more than one record at a time. Press a PFKEY and you are swapped to a full screen browse with the record you were editing at the top of the browse screen.
  • A CHANGE command has been added to edit and edit with copycode. It finds and changes a character string. An ALL option is provided.
  • A FIND COPYCODE command has been added to edit and browse with copycode providing a way of positioning within a record based on finding a copycode dataname.
  • SHOW COPYCODE is a new option from the main menu providing a browse facility into a copycode member showing the position within the record for each dataname.
  • SETLEN is a new command for edit and edit with copycode for a KSDS dataset. It provides the ability to change the LRECL of a record being edited.
  • The Generation Data Group display of all the datasets within the GDG is now scrollable and supports an unlimited number of generations. The previous limit was 43.
  • The related dataset display on the third panel of DATASET INFORMATION screen showing associated datasets is now scrollable and supports an unlimited number of datasets. The previous limit was five.
  • The DELETE confirmation screen now shows more information about the dataset about to be deleted..
  • VSAM UTILITY now uses the LIBDEF command to dynamically allocate the datasets needed to run. This makes installation easier. There is no longer a need to have VSAM UTILITY datasets in your TSO PROC besides the CMDPROC dataset
  • The scroll values for EDIT and Browse no longer need leading zeroes.