MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 07/22/2021

• SET IEBCOPY WARN option added to ignore return code 4 from IEBCOPY when backing up PDS and PDSE files when the output files use System Determined Blocksize. (Or any other reason for a return code 4.)

Support for restoring NEWNAME datasets using &q(b:e) patterns was added.

STORCLAS and MGMTCLAS parameters are omitted when restoring (redefining) an AIX.

SET SHARE ON option added to allow backup of closed VSAM base files with open AIX files. However, this option is not generally recommended.

If a base cluster is available for exclusive access, but an AIX for that base is not, DFSMS can return a code 168 and the step would formerly abend with code S0C4. With this release, the base will be deallocated, allocated DISP=SHR, and retried. SET SHARE(ON) should not normally needed.