MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 07/05/2006

AUTOEXEC  -  Add commands to AUTOEXEC from other functions
Br/Ed/Sel  -  New edit commands to edit members within members
COMPAREO   -  New offline compare function
COPYO  -  New offline copy function
DEMO  -  New online demonstration to assist functionality
DUMPMV  -  New dump data set analysis function
LABEL  -  New offline print tape/cartridge label function
SOURCE  -  New source storage function
SUBMIT  -  New offline submit JCL function
COMPARDS  -  File compares may now be done using compiled copybook templates.
COPYDS  -  VSAM KSDS data sets with FILEMODE=R (replace) will now add new records as well as replace records with the same keys. VSAM KSDS data sets with FILEMODE=E (extend) will now add new records only.
COPYBOOK  -  New REN/R line command within the directory displays of COMPILE, SOURCE, OBJECT, REFORMAT and FINDEXT permits the renaming of members
CUT&PASTE  -  Records may now be cut&pasted from/to files permitting split screen record transfers and development of test data sets
FILL  -  Fields may now be filled with values within the EDIT of files or PDS members using the new FILL command
LINEAR  -  Linear VSAM data sets are now supported in BROWSE/EDIT
LISTNUM/LN  -  New operand XRBA will display VSAM rbas instead of record line numbers
LISTVTOO  -  New offline dasd dataset list function
LMODMAP  -  New UTILITY function to display linkedited load modules info, hexdump and revert source code
MAIL  -   An inter office mail system provides a method of communication between users
PRINTX  -   Standard, Hex, Hex dump, Reformat, hex reformat, Copybook Format and Compact are now supported for print requests
QR/QRL  -  New quick reference command QR/QRL displays all commands permitted within an edit session.
RECORD  -  New file mode access of "R" (record mode) has been introduced in BROWSE/EDIT for quick file access
SAVE  -  The BROWSE/EDIT save command contains new parameters in order save files/members to the external data sets or internal source directory
SET/EDIT  -  New field has been added for a rolling message counter in order to display record counts during file loads/compares/searches.
SPACEO  -  New offline dasd free space function
WILDCARD  -  Data set name WILDCARD patterns may now be entered in most functions
UNIX  -  New UNIX file BROWSE processing
UTILITY  -  New set of utilities function