MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 11/05/2014

  • Added ability to create hyperlinks between help text pages allowing you to position the cursor and jump to other help text.
  • There are two levels of hyperlinks --screen-level, and field-level. Routing information for screen-level hyperlinks is stored in the form of {EZHLNK} items in the Screen Overview text for the screen and can be accessed from help text displayed for any field. Routing for field-level hyperlinks is stored in the text item referenced by the field. Hyperlinks are delimited in the data by using the defined 'Hyperlink char'.  
  • Added ability to determine the text item to display based on the value of a field from the application screen. This information is stored in the screen field records using {EZHVAL} records.
  • Added support for  'TOP' and 'BOT'/'BOTTOM' commands in the 'Find' field of the help display.
  • Simplified the user interface with ability to suppress the display and use of the 'Next', 'Prev'(ious), and 'Overview' PF keys on the help display.
  • Enhanced the field directory to allow authorization level 5 users to copy and delete fields directly from the directory rather than requiring them to start from the application screen.
  • Enhanced the HELPUTIL batch job to eliminate multiple references to {EZHxxx} items --if a field specifies another field (via {EZHPTR}), but the other field also contains an {EZHxxx} reference (instead of having its own text), HELPUTIL points the original field to the same {EZHxxx} reference.
  • Returns user to their application after displaying an error message.  
  • Emphasizes 'sticky cursor' and hyperlinks using the 'Bright' attribute, and extended attributes of Underscore, Blink and Reverse.
  • Added migration path from the Unicom WINDOWS(tm) product.