MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 08/10/2011

This release introduces several major changes:

  • A new function to display menus has been added, allowing a menu to be displayed instead of the help text for a field. A menu allows the user to select from any number of items (8 per page). Each menu item can display help text or another menu. This allows Easy Help to display text in a hierarchical type format similar to a book with chapters.
  • Segregate help data based on the transaction ID (or the userid), by specifying a different "File Suffix" for the transaction.
  • User exit programs can now specify that the first line of the first page of help text is to be considered a heading and should be displayed as line one of all subsequent pages.
  • Copy an existing screen as a completely new screen----- the "receiving" screen does not have to already exist.
  • Create help text for a screen that does not have a unique identifier on the screen.
  • The Attach Exit program (HELPXZCP) is now threadsafe. The remaining programs are still Quasirent.
  • Diagnostic messages and tracing have been improved.