MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 12/19/1994

 Fixes applied

  • ZAT1101: Corrects storage violation
  • ZAT2201: Forces the PARMTBL entry to seq number 999999 for generic key entry.
  • ZAT2202: Adds msg ZATE032 for invalid file I/O.
  • ZAT2203: Corrects error when saving PARMTBL with no entries.
  • ZAT2204: Adds msg ZATE033 when installation options are not on file during update.
  • ZAT2205: Removes MASK edit when F=1
  • ZAT2206: Returns msg for various ZATFILE errors
  • ZAT2207: Properly installs both specific and default PARMTBL entries.
  • ZAT2208: Increase the size of the SEQ number for PARMTBL entries.
  • ZAT2209: Closes ZATFILE before install in read only region.
  • Locate PARMTBL entries by generic key
  • Carry the default info to new item from previous item when adding new PARMTBL entries.
  • Place the cursor at the LOCATE field rather than the KEY field for PARMTBL with more than one screen of entries upon initial update.
  • Ability to change the applids when migrating from one CICS (test) to another (prod).
  • Document and index the logoff exit program.
  • Installs default installation options when no other options are available.
  • Adds ability to test drive the delete processing
  • Add bind image to mighty beast trace facility.
  • Add example logoff exit program ZATPDEL