MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 03/30/1997

  • Simplified Exclude/Include menu. All entries are now on the same menu. Exclude entries are preceded with the '¬' sign.
  •  More performance for pure Command Level applications. The optional DIRECT-LINK function of MLI is enhanced to support for Command Level program links. Pure Command Level applications can now also benefit from the 20-60 % CPU reduction.
  • NEW 31 BITS RESIDENCY (2 products in one). This separately priced option offers the possibility to run Macro & Command Level applications above the 16 Megabyte line. This option supports for BAL, COBOL, COBOL2 , PL/1 programs and BMS maps.
  • Easier debugging. A new menu 'Display/Alter Core utility' includes displays of MLI related control blocks like CSA, CWA, DCT, PCT, PPT and TCT.
  • Quick access to MLI messages. With option 9 from the main menu, users can now see the MLI messages sent to the console.
  • YEAR 2000 Date Simulator product support. All versions of MLI run in Year 2000. Products simulating a different date by CICS terminals could not test Macro Level applications adequately with date simulator products.
  •  MLI Storage Reserved Stats. With option 6.7, users can now monitor the benefits of using the Storage Reserved option of MLI.
  • MLI Table storage usage. With option 8 from the main menu, users can monitor the effect of their table definitions.
  • CICS/ESA default security keys. CICS users without security software can pre-define security keys to be set in the MLI SNT. The PTF Z120070 is no longer required.
  • Dynamic tables capability for DCT, FCT, PCT, TCT. Users of CTYPE=LOCATE required sometimes optional programs like MLIZCPCT, MLIZCTCT to be in PLT with version pre 130. The optional programs are replaced with online menus.