MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Released On: 11/30/1998

  • Automatic program detection. This new feature, when set to 'YES' in the 2.1 menu, will have MLI automatically exclude program names that do not start with valid assembler instructions such as mapsets or assembler tables. This greatly reduces the program identification process as unwanted programs will not be included by MLI.
  • Exclude character can be customized. In the 2.1 menu, there is a new parameter that permits the user to choose his exclude character. The default is the '¬' (not) sign.
  • CICS/TS Command level stub length support. C-L Programs compiled with the new CICS/TS stubs that need to be included in MLI are now supported as is.
  • CICS/VSE and CICS/TS (for VSE) support. MLI has been reworked to function with the new releases of CICS on VSE.
  • New program name prefixes in the Macro List menu. It is now possible to include programs in the PPT of MLI without MLI attaching a stub by prefixing the name with the '<' sign in the 2.2. menu. It is also possible to force a program to be handled by MLI by prefixing the name with the '>' sign. This can be useful when a program is excluded by the Automatic program detection feature.
  • Support of RENTPGM=PROTECT for MLI handled programs. With previous releases, users had to code rentpgm=noprotect in the SIT if the program was to be handled by MLI and was linkedited with the RENT option such as COBOL2 programs with statically linked macro assembler subroutines.
  • New MLI SVC. A new replacement SVC is introduced with the MLI 140 version. Previous releases of MLI will work the new SVC as it is upward compatible.
  • Support for links to DFHSNP. This version includes MLI 131 fix 053 which introduced support for CICS SIGNON done by user applications linking to DFHSNP.