MacKinney Systems, Inc.

Send fax from terminal or program.


CICS/Fax as an archival system


Since CICS/Fax can copy TIF, PDF, RTF and TXT files to any networked folder, could it be used to archive listings?


Yes!  You should note that TIF files, and PDFs created from TIF files (by Davince Tools) are graphic formats and are not searchable.  However, you can search for text strings in PDF files created by eSendIT.

CICS/Fax connectivity


How does CICS/Fax connect to the mainframe?


The standard way to connect CICS/Fax to z/OS or z/VSE is via TCP/IP. 3270 data streams are also supported. If you do not have eSendIT, you can still use software on the CICS/Fax PC to emulate an LPD or other printer.  In this case, you "print" the data from the host into a folder on the CICS/Fax PC, and include the routing information (the $FAXIT records) at the start of each separate message.


CICS/Fax Function


What types of messages can be sent using CICS/Fax?


CICS/Fax was originally designed as a fax server for IBM mainframes running z/OS and z/VSE.  It still does this, but it can also be used to:

  1. Send email messages in plain text, TIF, RTF, or (with eSendIT or Davince System's PDF Tools) PDF format.
  2. Copy mainframe reports to a network folder for archival in plain text, TIF, RTF, or PDF (See above for PDF creation software dependency.)
  3. Upload mainframe listings to an FTP server using any of the supported file formats. (See above)


Fax Modems


What modems are supported by CiCS/Fax?


CICS/Fax uses technology licensed from Data Techniques called "FaxMan". Although FaxMan will work with most any Class 1, Class 2 or Class 2.0 modem, you will often experience difficulty will lower-quality modems. MacKinney Systems currently will only support these modems:

  • MultiTech ZBA World modem (single line, external modem)
  • MainPine IQ Express modem (1- 2- 4- or 8-line ver., internal card)
  • Digi Acceleport RAS (4- or 8-line version, internal card)
  • 3Com Sportster 56K (single line, external modem

Graphic image support


Can CICS/Fax add graphics to messages to make them resemble data printed on pre-printed forms?


CICS/Fax can provide a "forms overlay" capability by merging the "printed" text from CICS with graphics stored on the CICS/Fax server. The data is first converted into a TIF file, and then the TIF file can be faxed, emailed, FTP'd, included in a PDF file (using Davince's PDF Tools), or copied to a network drive.