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Can eSendIT work without CICS/Fax? Can CICS/Fax work without eSendIT?


eSendIT runs on the mainframe, mostly under CICS.  CICS/Fax is a PC product that works as a fax server to eSendIT. However, there are some situations where both products are not necessary:

  1. To send email in PDF, RTF, or plain text format from CICS or batch programs, you can use eSendIT by itself.
  2. If you can store print data into files (with the embedded $FAXIT records to indicate what processing should occur), then you can use CICS/Fax by itself to generate fax, PDF/RTF/TIF/TXT formatted emails, and PDF/RTF/TIF/TXT formatted files stored on a network drive.

eSendIT allows you to track the disposition of fax/email/local file copies performed by CICS/Fax, as well as email messages sent directly from eSendIT to an SMTP server.