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Is there a way to display the Application List in a particular order? Possibly the order the applications are defined in GSFDFAX?


Yes, you can control the order the applications display on the application screen.
For release 6.0 and above of Switch, first determine if you are using the online administration panels. 
Issue the command "SHOW", then "F ADMIN" - - verify if "ADMIN MENU FOR GSFDFAP" and "ADMIN MENU FOR GSFDFAX" is YES.
If so, choose either option 2 - Application Groups if you use groups or option 1 - Applications.  Select each application and give it a sequence number.  The applications will then display in sequence number order.
If you are not using the online administration panels and still using tables or an older release of Switch, use the parameter in the control table (GSFDFCT) to determine the order of applications.  Issue the command "SHOW" and then "F AXORDER".  This should bring "DISPLAY APPLS IN AX ORDER" to the top.  If the parameter is set to "YES" the applications will display in the order coded in the application group table (GSFDFAX).  If the parameter is "NO", they will display in the order coded in the application table (GSFDFAP).