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I have a question regarding the instruction limit option.
Whenever we have connected to source that was submitted we always have to pf3 twice, choose option 'S" and then choose option '2' and type 9 zeros to allow unlimited instructions otherwise we will get kicked out for going over the instruction limit. Is there a way we can change the default to be set to unlimited instructions from the start?


You may set unlimited instructions for any Xray job if you wish. You can update the Xray control file (XRAYICTL) to do this.  You will need to change the INSTLIMIT to INSTLIMIT=0 to suppress instruction limit checking.  This will remove any instruction limit checking for anyone who uses Xray.
Alternatively, if you wish to only suppress with checking for your program,  you can issue the command to suppress from the command line as soon as you begin a debug session. Just enter on the command line "ILIM=0".  This will suppress checking for the duration of your debug session.