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What is the difference between the following MPT input formats and how do I determine what I have?
      AFPLINEDATA (in JRB this is refered to as 'UNCOMPOSED')


These input formats are all valid for MPT:

AFP -  Otherwise known as COMPOSED, MO:DCA or 'fully composed AFP'. This is a combination of the variable print 'text' and (typically) all the AFP resources needed to render the document.This includes (but is not limited to):
FORMDEF, PAGEDEF, OVERLAYS, FONTS...etc. Fully composed AFP can be created a variety of ways, for example:
      1) Composed by a product like IBM's ACIF
      2) Output from a product like DCF
You can identify this format on SDSF by:
      1) viewing output
      2) issuing SET HEX ON
      3) scrolling left
Each record begins with X'5A' and look something like this:

MacKinney Print Transform AFP

AFPLINEDATA - Otherwise known as UNCOMPOSED.
This is simply traditional 'MVS' print lines using ASA or machine carriage control. It is combined with AFP resources by MPT to produce the desired document. You specify the FORMDEF, PAGEDEF, OVERLAYS, etc. to use and MPT 'composes' the document as it transforms it. 
So, a separate product to perform the composition is not required.