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Can you share the JQPFILE between LPARS?


You can share the JQPFILE between LPARS with RLS if they are in a SYSPLEX as follows:
The following is a list of RLS requirements for the JQP VSAM file used in a SYSPLEX environment:

  1. VSAM Server region (SMSVSAM) is running on the SYSPLEX.
  2. SHR(2,3) is required for JQPFILE dataset.
  3. RLS=NRI added to the JQPFILE DD statement.
  4. JQPFILE dataset altered with LOG(NONE).
  5. JQPFILE dataset altered with STORCLASS(VSAMRLS). You can verify the RLS function is working properly by listing the catalog entry for the VSAM file. There is an entry for 'RLS IN USE --------(YES)'.