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How can I define help text for a field or screen?


There are two primary ways to define help text in Easy Help:

  1. When a user screen displays and the help PF key is pressed, either field-level or screen-level help displays if it has been defined. If neither field-level nor screen-level help is defined when an authorized user presses the help key, the user is asked if he would like to define help text for the screen.  If he wants to define help text, he uses other PF keys to define the beginning and ending locations to identify the screen.  The user can then supply the screen name and the help text directly on the CICS terminal.
  2. A batch update facility can also be used to define help text for screens and fields.  While parts of this, such as identifying the start and stop positions on the screen, is a bit harder to do, this facility allows importing help text from other sources (such as an existing product).